SIGNAL ZIRKUS 017 – Blaue Stunde | 18. September 2018 | Rhiz

Am Dienstag, den 18. September 2018, findet im Rhiz die 17te Ausgabe des SIGNAL ZIRKUS statt. Wir freuen uns auf einen fantastischen Saisonauftakt voller spannender Live Acts.

––– LINE UP –––

Die Performancekollaboration DVRST [dʊrst] setzt die Klinge zwischen Kunstkontext, Experimentalmusik und Clubkultur stets neu an. Pulsierend zwischen Post-Rave, Illbient und Noise und stark inspiriert vom Trance-Potential des klassischen Minimalismus treffen raue verschwurbelte Bässe auf schwere Spoken-Word-Poetry. Gesang und Rap koallieren mit dem nebulösen Zischen aus den Tiefen des Synthesizers

PARTERRE (Go! Records/AT)
After a couple of years of being active as producer and liveset artist, PARTERRE (Go! Records) wrapped up his stylistic settlement approaches into his first EP release in 2017. After more than one year of live absence, he returns back to stage, remaining loyal to his playful, dancefloor-ready techno rhythms, but beefing up his performance for the first time with semi-generative elements by the means of analog modular synthesis.

ZSZS inspired by south-eastern African musical systems and so called „sub-genres“ like punk, drum’n’bass, lo-fi idm, jungle, hard-core techno, break-core, harsh-noise (and many others) and new hybrid possibilities between hardware and software in live electronics, her live performances are in a constant evolving process and deal with themes like violence, ignorance, discrimination and the sensual (communicative and reflective) aspects of these social phenomena in a rather critical way.

An interstellar journey through time and space. Somewhere inbetween the floating Arp`s of the Kraut Era and the harsh, distorted noisescapes of the future, Largeman meets the abyss in purple neon lights. the past is melting with technoid drums of an utopia in a complex, planned improvisation. He uses a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer as his main instrument paired with a lot of effect pedals, some digital conventional synthesizers and a beatstep pro.


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