SIGNAL ZIRKUS 023 – Vorfreude | 10. September 2019 – 20:30 | Rhiz

VORFREUDE | 3 mal Live Elektronik der Sonderklasse


RLGNS Electronic Music from Portugal

RLGNS (Lissabon)
The portuguese RLGNS are about to hit the road to promote their latest release entitled „Perceptions“ in
September. Contemplating human perception in contact with nature, this EP wanders in a more clubbing aesthetic in relation to the bands’ previous singles. Using electroacoustic techniques such as found sound and
field recordings, the band is concerned with establishing a relationship between the organic and the digital, which is expressed in beats that both seek the exoticism of Bonobo and the minimalism of Jan Jelinek.

URRRS Electronic Music from Vienna

URRRS (Wien)
Fuelled by their desire to go back to playing live, URRRS is an electronic music performance, hardware based and fully improvised. Using a combination of digital and analog machines, their sets showcase the raw energy of techno, with deep rich textures and futuristic melodies.…

Discrete Formants
Discrete Formants Electronic Music from Vienna

Discrete Formants (Wien)
Das seit mittlerweile fast 15 Jahren existierende Projekt Discrete Formants reflektiert die Sicht des Künstlers auf verschiedenste Spielarten der elektronischen Musiklandschaft. Im Rahmen des SIGNAL ZIRKUS liegt der Fokus auf einem Modularen Live Setup + Laptop. #ambient #techno #dub #electronica

3 artists perform live sets (45-50 minutes). In the break there’s a Modular Bits synthesizer workshop conducted by RAW VOLTAGE | Modular Store Vienna.

Looking forward – see you at Rhiz
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