At SIGNAL ZIRKUS we give electronic musicians a chance to try out their live sets on a proper PA at a regular venue in front of an interested audience.

4 artists may perform on one event. Inbetween their acts, there will be short synthesis workshops called „Modular Bits“ hosted by RAW VOLTAGE – Modular Store Vienna.
Everybody is invited to enjoy the shows/workshops and chat with the artists and give feedback.
SIGNAL ZIRKUS crew dedicates this evening to people who want to experience electronic music live set ups – either you are listing or performing.


  • There is an open call for artists who want to show their live approach about a month befor the next show.
  • Up to 4 (four) performers/acts get at maximum 30 minutes of stage time per act.
  • This is the place to try out yourself, develop your live performance, check your ideas.
Experimental approaches welcome, nothing to hide or to be scared of.
  • Get out of your studio, connect with other enthusiasts.

If you have something interesting up your sleeve related to electronic sound generation (hardware, software, computers, synthesizers, field recordings, live coding – all is welcome), that you think we should experience – be so kind and perform!

Send a mail to: